The worlds first

Thermal Catalytic Depolymerisation Reactor.

Powering the world with advanced up-cycling technology.

The future of clean Fuel production.

The ERVO GCO1 changes both the way the world recycles and produces fuel. ERVO technology can safely convert waste material (tyres, plastic and municipal waste) into a sustainable fuel source.

Rather than drilling for oil, we can obtain a very similar product from our everyday commercial and domestic waste streams.

Countries, areas or regions that have high population and suffer from high levels of waste, can simultaneously tackle two problems by generating power locally and processing waste material.

Our patented, thermal catalytic depolymerisation process can change how we process waste and how we produce fuel in the future.

Powering the world with advanced clean energy technology.

– Ervo Energy –

Principle of Ervo Technology.

In 3 easy steps.


First Step.

Get paid by collecting and processing multiple waste streams such as EfT (end of life tires, plastic waste, municipal waste). 


Second Step.

Take the waste streams and put them through Ervo Energy Clean Technology GC01 special reactor process. Capable of processing over 12 tonnes of waste per day.


Produce Revenue.

Sell the produced results of the Ervo Energy GC01 clean technology process. 1. Carbon Char – for filtration and agriculture. 2. Hydrocarbon Oil (C20) for Transportation, Energy production. 3. Hydrogen Clean fuel.

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